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Add : Marta Szajbel | 26.08.2019 Plantalux, poland

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TITBIT Sp. z o.o.

Add : Marta Szajbel | 02.08.2019 TITBIT Sp. z o.o., Poland, cooperation

artykuł nr 2 PL

Hydrapress Ltd.

Add : Marta Szajbel | 01.08.2019 Hydrapress Ltd., hydraulic press, Poland, cooperation

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Add : Marta Szajbel | 26.07.2019 poland, paih, zbh ateny

artykuł nr 4 PL

ZTS “ArtGos” S.A.

Add : Marta Szajbel | 26.07.2019 poland, ArtGos, paih, zbh ateny

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Add : Marta Szajbel | 16.07.2019 „ALEX-POL”, Poland

artykuł nr 6 PL

Sawex Sp z o.o.

Add : Marta Szajbel | 16.07.2019, poland

artykuł nr 7 PL

Zbyszko Company S.A.

Add : Marta Szajbel | 04.07.2019 Zbyszko Company S.A., poland

artykuł nr 8 PL

Garmach Krzysztof Czobodziński

Add : Marta Szajbel | 24.06.2019 poland, garmach

artykuł nr 9 PL


Add : Marta Szajbel | 18.06.2019 cosmetics, polish cosmetics, paih, promotion, zbh

artykuł nr 10 PL

Company Olimp Laboratories

Add : Marta Szajbel | 05.06.2019 Company Olimp Laboratories, poland, cosmetics

artykuł nr 11 PL

PCC Consumer Products Kosmet Sp.z o.o.

Add : Marta Szajbel | 03.06.2019 poland, PCC Consumer Products, Kosmet Sp. z o.o.

artykuł nr 12 PL


Lemigo is a family corporation, with a completely Polish capital. Within 29 years our company has had a huge success on the domestic market, as well as on the international arena, becoming one of the most appreciated producers. Add : Marta Szajbel | 29.05.2019 footwear

artykuł nr 13 PL


We are a Polish manufacturer of dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products. We are the owner of three brands: Real Pharm, Muscle Care and ProActive, which are known in the world. With over 15 years of experience in the production and export of our brands we are one of leading exporters of supplements and pharmaceutical products in Poland. Add : Anna Woińska | 03.04.2019 offer, poland, polish offer, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical products, Real Pharm, Muscle Care, ProActive

artykuł nr 14 PL


Maspex is Polish company, one of the biggest food and beverages producer in Central and Eastern Europe. Our company is undisputed leader in production of juices, nectars and soft drinks in Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and Lithuania. Add : Marta Szajbel | 06.03.2019 offer, food, beverages, juices, nectars, soft drinks, instant products, cappuccino, cocoa, coffee creamer, instant tea, ketchups, sauces, water, brand food products, mousses, fruit coctails, energy drinks, pasta, cereal products, fruit and vegetables preserves, jams, tomato products, ready cooks meals, pharmaceutical preprarations, vitamins, maspex

artykuł nr 15 PL


Comfortbe-Softbe Add : Marta Szajbel | 22.08.2017 Comfortbe-Softbe, beds, mattresses

artykuł nr 16 PL


The highest quality of products and services, reliability, punctuality and respect for every customer have been the principles behind our activities for more than 20 years. Due to our commitment to these principles, we can boast a list of regular satisfied customers, numerous recommendations of our company and increasingly more diverse offerings. We also stand out with our professional and dedicated team, who make sure that every assignment is done so as to fully meet your expectations. Add : Marta Szajbel | 11.04.2017 cooperation

artykuł nr 17 PL

Bioenergy Farm Stanowice Sp. z o.o.

The Administrator of Bioenergy Farm Stanowice Sp. z o.o. w restrukturyzacji calls for cooperation proposals regarding the use of a biomass power plant with a thermal capacity of 4.6 MW and a power generation capacity of 0.9 MW as well as a low temperature belt dryer. Add : Marta Szajbel | 03.04.2017 Bioenergy, poland,

artykuł nr 18 PL

Nacomi Natural Cosmetics

We produce for people with allergies and those who just appreciate a healthy lifestyle and want to use natural products. What makes us different is the simplicity of our cosmetics compositions, using unrefined oils in cosmetics and vitamin E as a natural preservative. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to use healthy cosmetics, and those are precisely the natural cosmetics NACOMI. Add : Marta Szajbel | 06.07.2016 cosmetisc, poland

artykuł nr 19 PL


THE ARCHITECTURAL STUDIO ZOFIA GRUSZEWSKA ARCHITECT Design & construction Add : Marta Szajbel | 19.04.2016 Design, construction, Greece, Poland, architectural building; urban projects