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SLV Group

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Marta Szajbel | 2020-02-26 14:04:36
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COMPANY NAME:​ SLV Group Dariusz Telka

ADDRESS:​ Cieśle 1G, 56-400 Oleśnica, Polska

TEL: +48 71 315 41 40



logo SLV

We specialize in the production of modern modular scaffolding systems (MULTUISYSTEM SLV) and frame scaffoldings also called system scaffoldings (RAM1 and RAM2). The scaffoldings we offer are properly designed, made and distributed. Their high usability and durability are the result of the work of our highly qualified teams and the use of modern technology.

In order to manufacture the highest quality scaffolding, SLV Group employees follow strictly binding procedures, norms and safety rules, while protecting themselves against potential threats.

Our production plant with the most modern, fully computerized production line is located in Sulnów near Świecie. From here, the scaffoldings go to Cieśle near Oleśnica, to the largest logistics center in Poland – SLV Group. There they are stored in huge warehouses, which will soon fill up 1 million m2 of scaffolding. From here, we send them to clients from various parts of the world.

Our extensive practice in production, logistics and our approach to project management enable us to deliver high quality orders at the right time and without any problems. In this way, we serve clients on all continents, both for typical and large and complex projects.


We invite you to cooperation.


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