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Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Marta Szajbel | 2019-11-12 15:13:55
krayna vegan bomb!, krayna

As KRAYNA, we produce vegan cosmetics - KRAYNA Vegan BOMB! We have an honest product for you, based only on traditional ingredients of plant origin. It is the realization of what we think about skin care and life in general. The goal was to create a 100% vegan, organic series, and locally, in a world we know. We didn't have to look far, we found everything in the place where we grew up: near Więcbork in the Krajeński Landscape Park. Managed to.


Krayna really exists. This green land devoid of major urban centers and industrial plants. Despite its obvious qualities, it is not the most popular tourist destination, which only works out for its good. Countless hills dotted with lakes, calamus hiding the habitats of wild birds, forests full of animals smelling of blackberries. We decided to use its untainted potential by producing cosmetics based on plants that grow here. It turned out that everything that is best for the skin is on hand.


AY BY KRAYNA is a series of four face creams. A natural composition for the individual needs of all skin types. The name "AY" refers to a cry of joy. After all, it is a manifesto of the summer land locked in a bottle.

The name of each cream comes from one of the leading ingredients: Cornflower (Cornflower),

Rdest (Water Pepper), Chestnut (Chestnut) and Plantain.

We have packed the products in a slender glass bottle with a sterile dispenser - a pump ensuring safety of good ingredients and convenience of everyday use.

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