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TOVAGO G.P. Wapniarscy Sp.j.

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Marta Szajbel | 2019-09-13 13:43:04
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COMPANY NAME:​ TOVAGO G.P. Wapniarscy Sp.j


TEL: 0048-618133208



Contact person: FILIP RYGLEWICZ


Tovago is a Polish family business that has been caring for the taste buds of all enthusiasts of a healthy and comfortable lifestyle and fans of deliciousness for over 30 years now. For many years, its creators have been watching over the creation of products made with the highest quality whole cereal grains, personally supervising all stages of production. Our flagship products are made from only whole, carefully selected grains, without added sugar, flavor enhancers, color additives, preservatives or raising agents. That is why our motto is “Healthy by nature”. Using this wealth, we provide you with the highest quality crispbread, which is a great alternative to traditional bread (loaf, rolls, etc.). Free of any additives, Tovago can be safely eaten by anyone: children, adolescents and adults. Thanks to our unique recipe, Tovago slices retain their freshness and taste for much longer – even after opening the package. When choosing one of our many flavors, you provide your body with the necessary minerals and valuable fiber, which our bread abounds in. Our products are a perfect complement to the daily menu of vegans, vegetarians and allergy sufferers. Tovago crispbread is a proposal for those who prefer healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. Why choose Tovago crispbread: -100% whole grain, -High in fiber, -No added sugar, -Low fat content, - An alternative to traditional bread. In order to satisfy the needs of demanding customers, and seeking to improve the efficiency of our company’s operation, in 2014, we implemented and certified a food safety management system in line with the requirements of IFS FOOD.


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