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Bogle White Caviar

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Marta Szajbel | 2019-08-27 09:23:01
bogle white caviar, poland, cooperation

In more and more restaurants across Europe the highest quality products and remarkable flavor combinations reign supreme. Top quality ingredients and extraordinary combinations of tastes reflect Chef’s passion for creating meals. Nowadays, when chefs are looking for best raw-materials, brilliant quality, healthy and original products, escargot caviar, known in ancient Rome and Greece as “pearls of Aphrodite”, has secured its spot in amongst the exclusive once and it is gaining in popularity in world-class restaurants.

Bogelgroup Gmbh is one of the largest companies engaged in breeding of Helix Aspersa Muller snail in Central Europe. White Caviar is our specialty. The farm is located in the middle of green Masuria District far away from cities and industrial facilities. The unique features of the fresh air and pure water in the area are the foundation of the excellent ecosystem that ensures Bogle White Caviar its authenticity and freshness and made it one of the most exquisite delicacies in the world cuisine.

Production of white caviar is a highly complex process and therefore there are very low amounts of it on the market, what in turn translates into its exclusiveness in availability. The whole production is based on a modern technology maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and quality, which is confirmed by HACCP, IFS and Halal certificates.

In our farm we use only spring water and feed the snails with the highest quality food. We have direct control over every aspect of the lives of our snails, from breeding till manufacturing process. After three stages of control and selection, white and silky eggs are collected, cleaned and transferred into appropriately prepared brines. Here, the caviar grows in flavor.

Escargot caviar is a flavouring agent ideal for many dishes. It has a mellow and subtle taste, which brings out the character of any dish prepared by its cook, but it does not necessarily change the original taste, as happens with black caviar. It is less salty and it is suitable for both fish dishes and desserts. Enthusiasts of this product state that its taste and smell is a pleasant mix of woods after fresh rain and forest mushrooms. Escargot caviar is a completely different product, which cannot really be regarded as competition for sturgeon or beluga black caviar. Its taste, colour, and structure are different, but it is a novelty that is worth discovering and, first of all, worth tasting also due to its origin and limited availability in fine dining restaurants around the world.


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