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TITBIT Sp. z o.o.

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Marta Szajbel | 2019-08-02 16:07:10
titbit sp. z o.o., poland, cooperation

TITBIT Sp. z o.o. carries out a modern production and distribution plan of alcoholic beverages with regard to circumstances and challenges that an increasingly demanding alcohol market in Poland and all over the world must face.


Production processes in our company take advantage of modern technology in the area of wine stabilization, blending, filtration, aeration, water treatment as well as bottling and storage. Bottling lines are fully mechanized and largely automated. As a result of a 3-step sterilization process, products of the highest purity come into being. Production is carried out in the plant located in Chociszew near Lodz.


COMPANY NAME: Titbit Sp. z o.o.

HEAD OFFICE ADDRESS: 93-228 Lodz, F. Ossendowskiego 4, str.

PRODUCTION FACILITY ADDRESS: Chociszew 63, 95-045 Chociszew

TEL: +48601320754, +48723674202



Contact person: Andrzej Kaczmarkiewicz, Wojciech Filipczyk


For more information please visit our website





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