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Hydrapress Ltd.

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Marta Szajbel | 2019-08-01 10:39:20
hydrapress ltd., hydraulic press, poland, cooperation

COMPANY NAME:​ Hydrapress Ltd.

ADDRESS:​ Azalowa 23 Str., 86 005 Białe Błota, Poland

TEL: +48 608 079 809

Contact person: Nikodem Welnowski /Director/

Hydrapress Ltd. is an engineering company. The history of machine design and construction dates back to 1982. We have extensive experience in design and construction of various hydraulic presses, manufacturing process automation, feeding, conveying, and mixing raw materials as well as machines overhauls and upgrades and manufacturing lines. We are able to come to a SUCCESSFUL end in meeting innovative needs of our customers. We develop projects using our own production resources in terms of design, machining, assembly, and controls.


In this respect, we offer a wide range of hydraulic presses, precision screw feeders (volumetric and gravimetric). The feeders can be used as effectively in the food and chemical industry, bulk material feeding machines, including vacuum (suction) conveyors, plastometers – machines used to determine the melt flow rates of thermoplastics (MFR and MVR), and manipulators, and industrial robots.

The needs of our clients are the most important for us. We wormly invite you to co-operation.


More information about us you will find on our webpages: or


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