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Garmach Krzysztof Czobodziński

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Marta Szajbel | 2019-06-24 11:30:41
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COMPANY NAME:​ Garmach Krzysztof Czobodzinski

ADDRESS:​ Kolce, Pamięci Narodowej 24, 58-340 Gluszyca, Poland

TEL: 0048 518 785 790



Contact person: Krzysztof Czobodziński

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Garmach specializes in the machinery and devices for mechanical culture of garlic and onion. Our offer includes mechanical planters (with chain or belt conveyor) for garlic, onion, broad bean, saffron and other tuber types, as well as garlic weeder, garlic clove peeling machine, machine for garlic head separation into cloves, garlic harvesters. We cooperate with the Rosta company in the field of hand seeders and planters.

For more information, please visit: