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Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Marta Szajbel | 2019-06-18 15:02:11
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ALKEMIE is a Polish brand of natural cosmetics with rich compositions. Besides their naturalness, they are distinguished by the high, biotechnologically advanced activeness and the modern, complex approach to skin care.

The cosmetic recipes have been composed with deliberation, heart and carefully selected, tested ingredients from all over the world. They combine the most precious gifts of nature and modern cosmetology solutions (penetration promoters, neuro-cosmetic and biomimetic ingredients). Alkemie has been created by a team of enthusiasts with a few years of experience in the field of manufacturing and introducing cosmetics to retail and professional markets. It’s the second, long awaited brand of the group, placed on the market in 2017. The first one was MomMe, offering natural cosmetics for children, babies and pregnant women. Present on the market for several years, they enjoy vast popularity confirmed by multiple awards in the category of Mom&Baby products. The objective of Alkemie cosmetics is their full naturalness, safety of use and exceptionally high activity. They are created as a kind of food for skin, supposed to have a complex, long-lasting and multi-directional effects – just like a diet chosen properly by a specialist. For Alkemie, skin doesn’t have any age – it has complex needs which need to be fulfilled in order to ensure its good condition and balanced functioning. This holistic approach to active skin care is distinguished by its amazing effectiveness and astonishing effects. The product range comprises five product lines, altogether including 23 cosmetics which can be combined with each other in various ways. Each product label gives thorough and honest information on the content of natural (min. 95%) and organic ingredients. The small remaining amount are ingredients identical to natural ones and mild fragrance compositions which do not irritate skin. ALKEMIE is the first company in the category of natural cosmetics to use the latest technologies and modern forms of penetration promoters in order to achieve the best efficiency.

Contact person:
Mrs Sabina Stępniak 
For more information, please visit:


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