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Penters by SMUK concept Agnieszka Gąsiorek
30-718 Kraków,
Myśliwska 68 ,
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Agnieszka Gąsiorek
Phone: +48 791 655 441

If you represent an interior design studio, construction company, or a furniture manufacturer, feel free to get in touch and talk about how we can make quality and affordable furniture as your contractor or subcontractor. Penters is a contract furniture manufacturing company for modern times. Combining the expertise of seasoned craftsmen with the best practices in customer experience and operations derived from the B2B tech space. We manufacture bespoke contract furniture for hotels, workplaces, pharmacies, retail chains, and other public spaces. As a subcontractor to other suppliers and partner to interior designers, we’ve shipped our products to Norway, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Madagascar, and beyond. We’re experts in laminates and Solid Surface. Beyond that, we work with melamine-faced chipboards, vermeer, painted MDF, acrylic boards, solid wood, plywood, metal, glass, upholstery, and any material or technology your project needs. We guarantee: 1. Dedicated team - Skilled and experienced professionals. Even 70% cheaper than yours and fully dedicated to making you and your customer happy. 2. Affordable materials - A wide range of materials and accessories from leading brands you trust and use. Sourced locally, up to 50% cheaper than from your suppliers. 3. Machinery - All machines needed to get your work done. From format saws to milling machines to edgebanders to CNC and more. 4. Project management - Lean management and full visibility. We work closely with you throughout the time of the project so you’re always up-to-date with the status.


  • Medical furniture
  • Furniture (incl. office furniture), furnishings, domestic appliances (excl. lighting) and cleaning products
  • Furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Miscellaneous furniture
  • Shop furniture
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